Net Worth 2020 . Updated 02:17, 11 Feb 2013 Casualty star Gillian Kearney set pulses racing as sexy nurse Jessica Harrison without finding true love off screen. Because Damon was so popular, particularly with younger viewers, it was decided to create a "soap bubble" in which the character would meet his demise: the result, Damon and Debbie, became Britain's first mini-series spin-off from a soap opera. A native of Liverpool, England, she is the daughter of Barbara and Gerard Kearney and has three brothers, including professional soccer player Tom Kearney. Who is Gillian Kearney Gillian began acting at school and at the Liverpool Everyman Youth Theatre. ? Gillian began acting at school and at the Liverpool Everyman Youth Theatre. Let's check, How Rich is Gillian Kearney in 2021? Whilst attending, as a fourteen-year-old in 1986, she landed the role of Damon Grant's girlfriend, Debbie McGrath, in Brookside (1982). Is just 13 years older than Anthony Quinlan, 14 years older than Michael Parr and 22 years older than Joe Gill who play her sons on Emmerdale Farm (1972). When is Gillian Kearney eddie foo gillian kearney eddie foo gillian kearney. Kearney gave birth to an 8lb3oz (3.7kg) baby boy on 26 August 2010. Leona Lewis and husband Dennis Jauch live in a striking . Kearney has received critical acclaim for her performance, particularly when it came to the "No Return" week which saw the character hold James hostage and cause a huge crash that endangered the lives of seven Emmerdale residents; after Emma accidentally pushed James off the bridge, he later died. 'target="_blank"> Treating Physician Deposition Fee California, Performing Arts Internships, Bexar County Magistrate Court Records, Articles G