Terms expire 2021. ADMINISTRATION Green Valley Administration Building, 2215 Chadwick St., Temple Hills, MD 20748 web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/1880/Family-Health-Services Ololade Olakanmi, Deputy Health Officer & Chief Operating Officer (301) 883-7839; e-mail: oolakanmi@co.pg.md.us PUBLIC SAFETY e-mail: majackson@co.pg.md.us web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/1720/Public-Relations-Community-Outreach Diane J. Oluseyi Olugbenle, Deputy Director (301) 883-5609; e-mail: oaolugbenle@co.pg.md.us e-mail: police_chief@co.pg.md.us MEMORIAL LIBRARY SYSTEM e-mail: majackson@co.pg.md.us DEPARTMENT OF AGING Christopher Garrett, Chair, PLANNING One of the common ways to write this address is 2706 Lorring Drv, District Heights, MD 20747-3402. (301) 636-2050 Jordan Baucum Colbert, Census 2020 Project Coordinator Largo Government Center, Suite 452 Terms expire 2022. Maj. James McCreary, Commander (301) 856-2660, ASSISTANT CHIEF web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/979/Community-Planning-Division Sasser Administration Building, 14201 School Lane, Internal Audit Trailer, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/722/Commission-for-Women. web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/2268/Administration Senthil Parameswaran, Officer (301) 952-6025; fax: (301) 952-6211; e-mail: se.parameswaran@pgcps.org AGRICULTURAL RESOURCES ADVISORY COMMITTEE Appointed by County Executive with County Council consent: The indictment further alleges that several of the defendants illegally possessed firearms in relation to drug trafficking. James R. Cannistra, Chief (301) 952-3918 TRAINING & EDUCATION DIVISION HUMAN RESOURCES 1301 McCormick Drive, Largo, MD 20774 Our principal attorney, Michael Wilson, is both a lawyer and a physician, with legal and medical degrees from Georgetown University. Inglewood Center III, Suite 300 POLICE PERSONNEL DIVISION web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/768/Juvenile-Court, TEEN COURT UNIT Phone. 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 - 3070 FOREST CONSERVANCY DISTRICT BOARD HUMAN RESOURCES SECTION SENIOR EMPLOYMENT e-mail: regill@co.pg.md.us OFFICE OF HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE web: www.pgcps.org/area3/, SPECIAL EDUCATION & STUDENT SERVICES Photo by Timothy I. Brooks. e-mail: gecunningham@co.pg.md.us ADMINISTRATIVE BUREAU Charlynn Flaherty, Deputy Director (301) 352-1490 FLOOD CONTROL PROGRAM Ololade Olakanmi, Deputy Health Officer & Chief Operating Officer (301) 883-7834 The following students were recognized as candidates for associate degrees, certificates or letters of recognition at the College of Southern Maryland's (CSM) 24th Winter Commencement ceremony held Friday, Jan. 13, 2023, at the La Plata Campus. NATURAL RESOURCES Terms expire 2023. FIRE COMMISSION FAMILY PLANNING Sidney L. Gibson, Chair (chosen by Board in June, 1-year term), 2023 web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/979/Community-Planning-Division web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/533/Emergency-Management COUNTYWIDE PLANNING DIVISION . Kenneth F. Harris II, Dist. web: https://offices.pgcps.org/Office-Directory/Internal-Audit/ web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/260/Support-Services-Command e-mail: regill@co.pg.md.us Diane J. web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/168/Support-Services-Division Appointed by County Executive with County Council consent: ACADEMICS James Hunt, Chief (301) 952-3530 Representing Bowie State University: Alan J. Anderson, Ph.D. web: https://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/Facilities/Facility/Details/Clinton-Division-5-5, DISTRICT VI (Beltsville Station) (301) 636-2080 Erwin Brown, Jr., Chair (chosen by Board), 2023 Appointed by County Executive with County Council consent to 3-year terms: NATURAL RESOURCES web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/222/FireEmergency-Medical-Services (770) 432-0771. Related To Teisha Wilson, Henrietta Wilson, Hendrik Wilson, Henry Wilson. Barbara Holt Streeter, Partnerships Officer (301) 952-6382; fax: (301) 627-6576; e-mail: partnerships@pgcps.org RESIDENTIAL BUILDING INSPECTION SECTION Catherine Bond, Manager (301) 952-6295; fax: (301) 952-6026; e-mail: cbond@pgcps.org 104 Wilson Blvd SW, Glen Burnie, MD Email Address: @gmail.com Possible Relatives: Find Danielle Wilson's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading people search directory for contact information and public records. Catherine Bond, Manager (301) 952-6295; fax: (301) 952-6026; e-mail: cbond@pgcps.org FIRE & RESCUE OPERATIONS CANCER SCREENING Maryland Municipalities Kenneth Dickens, Coordinator (301) 780-7760 Maryland at a Glance ; 55.56% are married and 73.81% are homeowners (301) 909-7126 Users can also use shortcuts such as "M" (menus), "H" (headings), "F" (forms), "B" (buttons), and "G" (graphics) to jump to specific elements. 0. ; 25.47% are married and 42.24% are homeowners 1700-1798 Addison Rd, Forestville MD - Rehold Address . Maj. James S. Keleti, Commander (301) 699-2630; fax: (301) 699-2639; e-mail: police_district1@co.pg.md.us web: www.pgcedc.com/international-business, SMALL BUSINESSS SERVICES DIVISION 7, 2024 web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/768/Juvenile-Court David Rease, Executive Director (301) 386-1616 ADA COMPLIANCE 2023 www.delmarvanow.com. Glenn R. Wilson. e-mail: majackson@co.pg.md.us Douglas W. Anthony, Ed.D., Associate Superintendent (301) 749-5238; fax: (301) 749-4281; e-mail: doug.anthony@pgcps.org Vacancy, Chief (301) 952-6002; fax: (301) 952-1383 PUBLIC DEFENDER FISCAL AFFAIRS OPERATIONS BUREAU PLANNING Term expires 2019. Vacancy, Commander (301) 772-4970 REIMBURSABLE EMPLOYEES Archie O'Neil, Director (301) 499-7000; fax: (301) 499-7013; e-mail: archie.oneil@pgcps.org Orlan M. Johnson, Esq., Chair (chosen by Board of Directors in Jan., 1-year term), 2019 Lateefah Durant, Academic Officer (301) 669-6012; fax: (301) 669-6090; e-mail: lateefah.durant@pgcps.org 9400 Peppercorn Place, Landover, MD 20774 INTERNAL AUDIT DISTRICT COURT UNIT web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/360/Bureau-of-Investigation SCHOOL SUPPORT & SCHOOL LEADERSHIP Marcus Hall, a/k/a Pill, age 18; Appointed by Governor to 4-year terms: James E. McClelland, Sr., Deputy Fire Chief (301) 883-5230 web: www.pgcps.org/area3/ web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/769/Teen-Court, VICTIM & WITNESS ASSISTANCE UNIT web: www.pgparks.com/parks_and_rec_home.htm Gary W. Michael. COUNTYWIDE PLANNING DIVISION John E. Howard Building, 4400 Shell St., Capitol Heights, MD 20743 Jennifer Rush, Chief (301) 952-3555; fax: (301) 952-3097 . Dawn Hawkins-Nixon, Associate Director (301) 883-5834; e-mail: dhnixon@co.pg.md.us Terms expire 2022. CENSUS 2020 COMPLETE COUNT COMMITTEE web: www.pgcps.org/transportation/ Participant Hometown Result; 2021 USA Boxing National Championships : Josaline Abang: Ewa Beach, HI : Lawrence Abdalla: Kansas City, KS : Jihad Abdul-Karim The company has reported itself as a Black or african american male veteran owned business, and employed at least one person during the applicable loan loan period. OPERATIONAL SAFETY Antonio Jermaine Epps, 27 of District Heights, Md., and Jameal Dannielle Mcleod, 28 of Capitol Heights Md., were both arrested in connection to the shooting, according to a press release from the . Jeffrey E. Logan, Chief (301) 952-7326 ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & DISEASE CONTROL DIVISION web: www.pgcps.org/talentdevelopment/, INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY RAIN CHECK PROGRAM REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Oden Bowie Drive, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, May 2011. 11108 Fort Washington Road, Fort Washington, MD 20744 MASTER PLANS - COMPREHENSIVE PLANS DISTRICT III (Landover Station) 6600 Kenilworth Ave., Riverdale Park, MD 20737 HOUSING REHABILITATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Kenneth Dickens, Coordinator (301) 780-7760 e-mail: 911customerservice@co.pg.md.us INFORMATION MANAGEMENT DIVISION John E. Howard Building, 4400 Shell St., Capitol Heights, MD 20743 (301) 265-8450 Elected by Voters to 4-year terms: GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECTION web: www.pgplanning.org/about-planning/our_divisions/countywide_planning.htm By Rebecca Crockett, KMBZ. David Rease, Executive Director (301) 386-1616 PUBLISHED: November 8, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. | UPDATED: November 9, 2021 at 9:33 p.m. Rolan Roberts. web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/158/Bureau-of-Administration e-mail: daabraham@co.pg.md.us, PERMITTING & LICENSING DIVISION Guy R. Merritt, Deputy Director (301) 952-7082 9201 Basil Court, Largo, MD 20774 TRANSFORMING NEIGHBORHOODS INITIATIVE (TNI) SECTION Orethea Y. Mattison, Ph.D., Administrator (301) 265-8438, 1-866-533-0680 (toll free); fax: (301) 248-0719 AUTOMATED ENFORCEMENT Theresa Middleton, Chief (301) 952-4010 FOREST CONSERVANCY DISTRICT BOARD Rate Annette. James Hunt, Chief (301) 952-3530 BUREAU OF PATROL web: www.pgplanning.org/planning_board.htm Peter A. Shapiro (D), Chair (chosen by County Executive), 2026 BUDGET & FINANCE SECTION web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/906/Housing-Authority 4th Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. (to issue new licenses & transfer existing licenses) The names listed below are alumni who have been searched for on this site from Suitland High Schoolin District Heights, Maryland . Maryland Constitutional Offices & Agencies PERMIT REVIEW SECTION OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL Philip Hughes, Manager (301) 952-6076; fax: (301) 952-6027; e-mail: philip.hughes@pgcps.org David Dove, Supervisor (301) 952-6300; fax: (301) 952-6784; e-mail: david.dove@pgcps.org GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS DIVISION web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/698/Commission-for-Individuals-With-Disabili web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/286/Volunteer-Services-Command web: www.pgplanning.org/planning_board.htm ADMINISTRATION Terms expire 2022. Appointed by State Forester to 3-year terms: BOARD OF ELECTIONS SENIOR EMPLOYMENT e-mail: james.hunt@ppd.mncppc.org JOINT AGENCY GROUP ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & DISEASE CONTROL DIVISION DATA QUALITY Senior Transportation Service (STS) (service of Call-A-Bus) RAIN CHECK PROGRAM web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/159/Human-Resources-Division Representing Dept. web: https://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/Facilities/Facility/Details/Clinton-Division-5-5 web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/908/Housing-Community-Development LAUREL REGIONAL CAREER CENTER Walter V. Jackson, Assistant Director (301) 909-2000; fax: (301) 909-2200 web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/533/Emergency-Management e-mail: dee-dee.bass@maryland.gov FIRE PREVENTION & LIFE SAFETY Lolita E. Walker, Vice-Chair (chosen by County Executive in Dec., 2-year term), Dist. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE & HUMAN TRAFFICKING SUPPORTIVE SERVICES DIVISION 9400 Peppercorn Place, Landover, MD 20774 e-mail: oolakanmi@co.pg.md.us Nathan F. Simms, Jr., Acting Director (301) 883-5552; fax: (301) 883-3403 . John E. Howard Building, 4400 Shell St., Capitol Heights, MD 20743 web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/1002/Public-Works-Transportation M. Andree Green Checkley, Director (301) 952-3595 Theresa Middleton, Chief (301) 952-4010 web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/728/Circuit-Court Potomac (Va.) Senior. Tonya Whitaker. web: www.pgcps.org/tv96/ Representing Police Dept. PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PROGRAM Judith P. Hoyer Family Learning Center, 8908 Riggs Road, Adelphi, MD 20783 Google December 20, 2021 (74 years old) View obituary . (301) 265-8450 Barry L. Stanton, Chief Operating Officer (301) 952-6144; e-mail: barry.stanton@pgcps.org 9201 Basil Court, Largo, MD 20774 Samuel A. Epps IV, President (chosen by Board in Jan., 1-year term), 2019 9201 Basil Court, Largo, MD 20774 web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/401/Administration-Division, TREASURY DIVISION State's Attorneys FINANCE BUDGET & PROCUREMENT SECTION Elected by Voters to 4-year terms: Chair: Dawn Hawkins-Nixon, designee of Director, Department of the Environment SOCIAL SERVICES BOARD John E. Howard Building, 4400 Shell St., Capitol Heights, MD 20743 Lisa Spencer, Ed.D., Director (301) 925-2874; fax: (301) 925-2355; e-mail: lspencer@pgcps.org SAFETY OFFICE SUPPORT SERVICES COMMAND NARCOTIC ENFORCEMENT DIVISION web: www.pgcps.org/pasb/ Photo by Diane F. Evartt. Max A. Pugh, Jr., Supervisor (301) 952-7897; e-mail: mpugh@pgcps.org Representing Prince George's County Municipal Association: Colin A. Byrd e-mail: gecunningham@co.pg.md.us . Green Valley Administration Building, 2215 Chadwick St., Temple Hills, MD 20748 web: www.pgcps.org/teachinglearning/ CENSUS 2020 COMPLETE COUNT COMMITTEE 1801 McCormick Drive, 1st floor, Largo, MD 20774 e-mail: majackson@co.pg.md.us web: https://md-princegeorgescounty.civicplus.com/358/Bureau-of-Administration-and-Homeland-Se CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES BUDGET & MANAGEMENT SERVICES AREA OFFICE 2: MIDDLE SCHOOLS W. Wesley Watts, Jr., Chief Information & Technology Officer (301) 952-6250; fax: (301) 952-6266; e-mail: wesley.watts@pgcps.org Maj. Brian G. Durm, Commander (301) 390-2100; fax: (301) 218-1091; e-mail: police_district2@co.pg.md.us e-mail: dpwt-od@co.pg.md.us Defunct Agencies Posted Tuesday, June 8, 2021 6:00 am Michael Jermaine Wilson, 39, departed this life on Saturday, June 5, 2021, in District Heights, Maryland. Epps was arrested and charged with attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault, and several gun-related offenses. Maj. Zachary O'Lare, Commander (301) 749-4901; fax: (301) 749-4912; e-mail: police_district4@co.pg.md.us Brian J. Frankel, Deputy Fire Chief (301) 883-5210; fax: (301) 925-6595 Jermaine Wilson's birthday is 09/19/1982 and is 38 years old. VOLUNTEER SERVICES Appointed by County Council to 4-year terms: Andrea R. Coleman, Ph.D.; Keenon M. James; Earl T. ONeal; Carlo Sanchez; Tamika Springs. 4, 2024 web: www.pgcps.org/web/ Vacancy, Chair (chosen by Board) : one vacancy Dereck E. Davis, Deputy Director (301) 952-4729 Green Valley Administration Building, 2215 Chadwick St., Temple Hills, MD 20748 White, Ed.D., Director (301) 808-5956; fax: (301) 350-0622; e-mail: judith.white@pgcps.org Are you Michael Wilson? Jamie Dixon, Chief of Staff (301) 909-7000; fax: (301) 909-7001 Chair: Dawn Hawkins-Nixon, designee of Director, Department of the Environment DISTRICT VI (Beltsville Station) Shorter, Director (301) 952-6580; fax: (301) 952-6714; e-mail: jshorter@pgcps.org Appointed by Governor with Senate advice & consent to 5-year terms:
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